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Why Turf is Superior to Natural Grass

When it comes to home ownership, everyone has their own opinion as to what they want for their home. From single story to multiple levels, vinyl siding to a large outdoor space, we all have our wants and desires. When it comes to the exterior of the home, many owners in Scottsdale are opting for turf instead of natural grass due to the many benefit...
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Why Synthetic Turf Adds Value to Your Home

When thinking of artificial turf, most people would think of baseball fields and even some football fields. They would not necessarily think about their own home, or how it can actually increase the looks and value of it. Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibers that are designed to look exactly like grass. Now many people are using artificial t...
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Why Installing Turf Will Eliminate Yard Work

Artificial or synthetic turf is replacing the lawns of homes all across the world because of the low maintenance costs of it. While it has typically just been seen on any type of indoor field or facility, it is now being used on decks, patios, yards, and even as accent features to homes. Artificial turf is becoming more and more realistic, looking,...
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