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Why Installing Turf Will Eliminate Yard Work

Artificial or synthetic turf is replacing the lawns of homes all across the world because of the low maintenance costs of it. While it has typically just been seen on any type of indoor field or facility, it is now being used on decks, patios, yards, and even as accent features to homes. Artificial turf is becoming more and more realistic, looking, and feeling exactly like soft, green grass. Not only does replacing your yard with turf make your yard work easier, it can even help save you money in the long run. While saving money is an important benefit to using synthetic turf, it also has an added benefit of helping with allergies. Many people are allergic to the grass that grows in their yard, leaving them with red eyes and even a runny nose. Your yardwork could be eliminated as well as allergies, all while saving money and giving you the yard of your dreams.

Cutting the Work

When owning a home you get the privilege of privacy, freedom, and starting something the way you want. With that also comes bills, less financial freedom, and the most dreaded of all, yard work. When trying to keep up a yard, you typically will start before your grass is even back green. You will start with fertilizing and even potentially killing off any weeds and unwanted grass in specific areas. Then you will begin waiting and watering your yard, hoping that it turns out exactly as planned. If you do not have time to water and you do not get enough rain where you live, you might even have to install a sprinkler system. This can cost you several thousand dollars, which is another reason to kick the yard work and install some artificial turf.

Installing Synthetic Turf

When installing artificial turf, it is important to understand what you might be getting into, specifically cost wise. While the upfront cost of installing turf may seem like a lot, in the long run it is much less work and money that you have to worry about. It can roughly cost anywhere from two thousand to six thousand dollars to install your dream lawn, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Some benefits of installing turf include:

  • Low maintenance work
  • Protects against soil erosion
  • Preserve water quality
  • Improves quality of soil
  • Helps keep things cooler
  • Recreational benefits (sports)
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Children friendly
  • Pet friendly
While these are not all of the added benefits that come with using artificial turf, these are some that many different people can appreciate. In the hot summer months, our bills can increase because of the constant need to cool our homes. Synthetic turf has an added benefit of cooling the ground and things around it. Making it much easier to cool our homes and saves us money on bills. Turf keeps our yards looking great every day of the year, eliminates the use of different yardwork tools like lawnmowers, which can cost several thousand dollars to have and maintain. 

Essentially, choosing to install turf will eliminate yardwork and eliminate the stress that comes with it.
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