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Why Turf is Superior to Natural Grass

When it comes to home ownership, everyone has their own opinion as to what they want for their home. From single story to multiple levels, vinyl siding to a large outdoor space, we all have our wants and desires. When it comes to the exterior of the home, many owners in Scottsdale are opting for turf instead of natural grass due to the many benefits of the material. 

In Scottsdale, the city is divided loosely into four areas: Old Town Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, Central and North Scottsdale. Each region offers beautiful homes, with surrounding amenities including parks, shopping and more. When owning a new home in the region, you will find that turf is a common choice for landscaping as it is easy to maintain and is cost effective and less time consuming than natural grass. Getting to know turf and its benefits can help you to decide if the option is right for your Scottsdale home. 

Popular Landscaping Choice

In Scottsdale, Arizona, the option to use turf for landscaping became a huge trend due to tax rebates that were provided to business owners and residents of the city. Making the switch had a monetary benefit but homeowners quickly realized the other benefits to the 'grass' choice. 

To begin with, turf provides a year-round vibrant look for your yard. If you are like some people, you might not have a green thumb. It can be hard to keep natural grass vibrant and freshly green after each mow. The natural grass you have may be harsh or dried out and will not provide the soft and bright green color you desire.
With artificial turf, you can install a grass that will always look good, even during the hot Arizona summers when natural grass tends to dry out. Your lawn will look it's very best year-round which helps to add value as well as visual appeal to your property. 

Low-Maintenance Approach

With natural grass, homeowners have to constantly mow the lawn, weed-eat and clean up the exterior of the home. A lush yard takes a great deal of time and effort. You may use a ton of water to keep your natural grass fresh which can lead to high utility bills. So much time is spent taking care of the yard and you might want to spend your time otherwise. With artificial turf, you can. 

The artificial grass has low maintenance which means you can spend your free time doing anything you like, even nothing! The weekends will no longer be reserved for yard work. You will be able to sleep in, spend time with family, doing whatever you like, instead of working around your yard work schedule.
You will also save money due to the lack of maintenance needs. You no longer require a mower, gardening materials like fertilizer or other tools. You only need to spray the turf with water from time to time to keep it clean and looking beautiful. 

Producing Less Waste

Did you know that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that grass clippings are the third largest item found in most landfills across the country? When you switch to artificial turf, you are helping to cut back on the amount of grass clippings found in local landfills. This new option for your lawn helps to protect the environment by not adding more to landfills with regular maintenance. 

Artificial turf lawns take time to deteriorate, usually after a decade. This means for ten years or longer, you will not be contributing to the grass collection in local landfills, helping to save space for the future. On top of that, you are using less water which is also helpful to the environment. Chemical fertilizers are not being used, which helps to cut down on the usage of such chemicals that can harm the air we breathe. 

Overall, artificial turf is a more cost-effective approach to a beautiful lawn than natural grass. Learning more about the option and how it can be installed in your home can help you to see what the turf can provide your family. Consider installing the option to be environmentally friendly as well as have more time to do what you love rather than spending it outdoors maintaining your lawn! For a free turf estimate call (623) 521-2989.

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